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Who are we?

We are club at Burnaby North Secondary that publishes written works from our student body once every term.

Why are we online?

We could not publish and distribute physically this term so we are making our publication accessible through the internet instead.

What's the school meals program?

The Viking View traditionally funds our own operational costs through sponsored advertisements. This issue, we are donating all money we earn through advertisements to the school meals program, a program that directly feeds families who are having difficulty putting food on the table and is more important than ever before because of the pandemic.

Our team


William Li
Joying Yang

Editors and Designers

Alisa Arkhangelskaya
Chloe Jung
Daniel Hong
Frank Guo
Jenny Zhang
Mabel Ling
Serena Honekin


Henry Xi
Ethan Lui
Adam Sun
Derek Lin
Ryan Chiu
Simon Ing
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The Viking View

Contact us

Email us any inquiries at